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Preserved Logo Winning formula: r-8 = the fast track to new opportunities

Here is a prime example of Leaflike’s revolutionary style product development. We can now ‘replic-8’ a living wall by using our unique r-8 wall system. r-8 walls are for where you would love to have a living wall but you don’t have adequate: climate, lighting, humidity, space or even budget!

Winning Formula: r-8 = The fast track to new opportunities.

Architects Tip: Ideal for creating entire wall plantations in unique design where climatic conditions and/or budget prohibit a living wall.

r-8 wall is another totally unique product which Leaflike have developed to satisfy for our hugely demanding portfolio of clients, ranging from architects to 5* hotels and everything in-between!

Green walls, either living or r-8, are an executive product. However with r-8, we have taken away the executive price tag and replaced it with the Leaflike ‘maximum impact per pound’ seal. Find out more today about the amazing benefits an r-8 wall would bring to your interior/exterior in addition to saving you more than 50% on the cost of a living wall.

Winning Formula: r-8 = The Fast Track to New Opportunities