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Why Leaflike?

Good question! Well let me tell you. Here at Leaflike we have a unique team of designers at the ready to let their creativity loose. Now don’t run away just yet... because we’re not expensive either! Imagine dressing a hotel with plants, flowers and large trees for the cost of just one floral display. Amazing!

At Leaflike you will find ample witness to our ability to create maximum impact per pound for our clients. So why do we do this?

Providing Excellent Value

Well it’s because that’s what our best customers want, and you won’t find it anywhere else. Let us bring a sample to you in the comfort of your office or reception and show you just what’s available.

And on top of all that, Leaflike have a distinctive talent to combine all types of foliage including live, lifelike and preserved to create the most sustainable solution to your requirement. Contact us today to find out what Leaflike can do for you.

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sitting frog