2019 Style Trend – Soft Landing

This year’s Horticulture Sector  Trends for 2019 show a distinct change, looking at the world we are living in and making changes accordingly. The first of these Style Trends for 2019 is Soft Landing. This trend takes into account the harsh society, which is becoming increasingly grimmer, in which we live and creates the need for softening, making the world a more beautiful and friendlier place. Delightful pastel shades, rounded and voluminous shapes, soft cushions and luxuriously comfortable interiors are all features of this trending style. How can we create this oasis of peace that is so desperately required and wanted by the consumer ?

The perfect answer is greenery. Leaflike have the answer and with our extensive range of plants and floral displays can soften any venue so that it creates a comfortable, friendly, beautiful environment that your clients are looking for.