Approving looks from Marriott founders …

Leaflike have been working with numerous Marriott’s, all over the country, for many years. After discussions with Marriott Head Office, we have a deep understanding of their planting & floral brand standard and helping this come into fruition is one of our key interests. When the first AC Marriott hotel was launched in the UK, Leaflike helped provide fitting planting displays for this design conscious brand.


The successful Marriott company, have a long, interesting history, beginning in 1927 with J Willard Marriott and his wife Alice, who began with a root beer stand, quenching people’s thirst during hot, muggy summers in Washington DC. Through sheer hard work, innovation and dedicated leaders, this has grown into the world’s largest hotel company, with 30 brands, in 110 different countries.


One of the many Marriott Hotels that Leaflike service is Marriott Cardiff Hotel. The stunning Everleaf Florals really upscale the interior design of this contemporary hotel impressing  guests with a new display every season. These innovative displays seem to have won approving looks from the Marriott Founders pictured in the Lobby. Carrying on the inventive value which was so key in their climb to success must please them immensely.