Conscious Luxury: The BoTree’s Inspirational Design

In the heart of Marylebone at 30 Marylebone Lane, the BoTree isn’t just about location – it’s an experience. It combines Marylebone charm with Mayfair chic and Soho vibrancy, nourishing connections in all three neighbourhoods. Inspired by the peaceful bodhi tree, the hotel offers vibrant luxury on the Lane.



“Botanicals are a key part of the BoTree’s design. We want guests to experience Conscious Luxury. One of the considered choices to bring this alive was to partner with biophilic design experts Leaflike,” explains Dominic Fitzgerald, Chief Operating Officer at Place III Hotels.


Following years of careful planning and the creation of stunning biophilic installations, the BoTree opened its doors in September 2023, offering a truly luxurious stay for guests.


“Working with the BoTree was incredibly inspiring,” says Steve Abernethie, CEO at Leaflike Group Ltd. “Their commitment to decisions that consider the planet perfectly aligns with our mission to create transformative biophilic design solutions. Together, we’ve shown how luxury and environmental responsibility can thrive together.”


Nature’s Touch: Biophilia from Floor to Ceiling

Biophilia is woven throughout the hotel, a testament to the massive collaborative design effort. From the breathtaking two-storey olive tree gracing the restaurant alongside a lush green wall to the strategically placed standing plants that add a finishing touch.



Even the suites boast biophilic elements, like the vibrant flower ceiling in the executive suite.



Plants enliven the bar and lobby areas, and even the hotel’s exterior embraces biophilia, adorned with stunning displays of colourful seasonal flowering plants and real orange and lemon fruit trees on the LAVO Terrace, creating a truly immersive experience.



“At the BoTree, Conscious Luxury isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an aesthetic that connects with nature and is vibrant and bold,” continues Fitzgerald. “Leaflike’s incredible work beautifully complements our brand vision, creating a delightful experience for our guests. It truly exemplifies how nature can enhance the guest experience for all.”


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