Luxury Planting Transformation at DAMAC Tower Nine Elms by VERSACE HOME

DAMAC Tower London by VERSACE HOME, an iconic residential development in London’s prestigious Nine Elms district.


The Brief:

We received a prestigious opportunity to collaborate with DAMAC Tower London by VERSACE HOME, which sought to elevate the ambience and aesthetics of their property, including the lobby, communal areas, spa and terrace. The brief outlined the need for luxury planting displays that harmonised with the opulent Versace brand while enhancing the atmosphere of sophistication and elegance within the property. Leaflike was tasked with delivering innovative and visually stunning planting solutions that would complement the interiors.


The Solution:

Collaborating closely with the designers, Leaflike developed a bespoke planting concept that seamlessly integrated with the opulent aesthetics of DAMAC Tower London. Plants and planters were carefully chosen to evoke a sense of grandeur and extravagance.

In addition to the initial installation, Leaflike provide comprehensive maintenance and care services to ensure the longevity and vitality of the planting displays. A dedicated team of horticultural experts are deployed to regularly inspect, water, and prune the plants, preserving their pristine condition and maximising their visual impact.


The Results:

The collaboration with DAMAC Tower London by VERSACE HOME has resulted in an unparalleled fusion of planting and luxury design, exceeding the client’s expectations and setting a new standard for interior landscaping in upscale residential developments. The bespoke planting displays transform the lobby and communal areas into vibrant, inviting spaces that captivate the residents and guests from the moment they enter and reinforcing its status as a premier destination for affluent living in the heart of London. The addition of Leaflike’s luxury planting displays contribute to the perceived value of DAMAC Tower London, enhancing its appeal to prospective buyers and tenants seeking a prestigious residential address with unparalleled amenities and aesthetics. Leaflike’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and ongoing maintenance ensures that the planting displays will remain vibrant and healthy for years to come, enhancing the desirability of DAMAC Tower London as a timeless symbol of luxury living.


In conclusion, Leaflike’s collaboration with DAMAC Tower London by VERSACE HOME exemplifies the transformative power of planting design in luxury real estate, demonstrating how innovative planting solutions can elevate the ambience, enhance the aesthetics, and increase the value of residential developments on a global scale.

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