Fun Fact Friday, Wk 47

Afternoon All

After another busy week here is our Fun Fact Friday !! This time it is about Carnivorous meat eating plant….

The Pitcher Plant is a carnivorous plant and perhaps one of the most mysterious plants in the whole universe. It has a unique ability to obtain food using its goblet shaped leaves.

The pitchers of this plant trap insects that are then digested as food. Many pitcher plants have modified leaves that can form a vase or pitcher-shaped vessel that produces a sweet syrupy secretion that attracts insects and dissolves them into nutritious goo that is then absorbed back into the plant. Although these plants mainly catch insects, some species have been known to catch animals as large as birds and small rodents.

The water held by the pitchers is sometimes enjoyed by monkeys (hence one of the plant’s common names) and even parched humans looking for refreshment in the tropical heat.

Enjoy your weekend !!