Fun Fact Friday, Wk 38

Dear All

Ready for another weekend – here’s your fun fact coming up !

Did you know Broccoli is actually a flower !!

Its name, “broccoli,” gives away the answer. In Italian, “broccoli” means “the flowering crest of a cabbage.” Yes, broccoli is a giant floret composed of countless little flowers. If the plant was left in the ground, the floret would continue maturing and explode into a beautiful abundance of yellow flowers before developing into seeds. Broccoli originated in Italy off the Mediterranean and has been eaten there since the time of the ancient Romans in the 6th Century BC.

Now for a big health fact : A single orange has about 51 mg of Vitamin C. A cup of chopped broccoli has about 81 mg of Vitamin C. Yep, broccoli has more Vitamin C than an orange!

So if you don’t like your veggies, just remember this one is worth eating because it contains SO MUCH Vit C and its actually a flower 🙂


Enjoy your weekend all !