You can transform any wall into an impressive feature. Whether it be in a hotel entrance or in the restaurant, the only limit is your imagination!  Leaflike offer three different types of bespoke Green Walls… choose from an R-8 Wall artificial green wall, a Moss Wall or a Living Wall… all of which bring life to an unused space!


We’re sure to have a solution that perfectly suits your requirements and will greatly enhance the ambiance of your venue.

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    r-8 Wall logo

    R-8 Wall, the solution that needs no water! Stunning artificial green walls…

    Concerned about constant maintenance? Look no further than our unique R-8 Wall.

    The R-8 is a stunning artificial green wall, that requires no water but still maintains its vibrancy!

    • Creates immediate transformation
    • Minimal maintenance programme
    • Thrives where living plants can’t survive
    • Free Leaflike visualisation service available
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    Moss Wall, a real wall that never dies…

    How about a sleek moss wall where there’s no limit to design? Preserved moss walls that require minimal maintenance and zero water; the perfect answer to brightening up any space.

    • 100% natural, requires no water
    • Bespoke designs for your venue
    • Create any logo/ image required
    • Minimal maintenance
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    Living Wall Logo

    Living Wall, truly bringing the outside in…

    Liven up any wall with a Living Wall that grows and flowers, creating a relaxing and natural atmosphere for your guests as they explore the hotel.

    • Truly vertical living foliage
    • Free Leaflike design package
    • Systematic maintenance provided
    • Great health benefits