Flower Walls & Ceilings Features


If you’re searching for a floral addition that will add staggering beauty to your venue then look no further than a flower wall and ceiling feature. Leaflike’s on-trend flower walls and flower ceilings are truly stunning showstoppers that not only impress from the first glance but will be memorable for years to come.


Imagine an entire wall or ceiling bursting with the scent and sight of beautiful flowers; every bright and soft petal blending seamlessly with the next to create a truly enchanting feature that will have your guests staring in awe. With a flower wall or floral ceiling feature, this magical highlight is more than attainable.


Made with premium, top-quality flowers, Leaflike can design stunning flower walls and ceiling features to your exact specifications to suit your venue. Our designers and green-thumbed team will work closely with you to make a feature that is truly bespoke and quintessential to the layout, size and interior scheme of your establishment.


Flowers walls and ceiling features are perfect for any venue and add new dimensions of artistry to event spaces such as those for weddings. However, these floral features are also perfect for restaurants and bars where diners can immerse themselves in their floral surroundings for a better, quality experience.


Memories might last forever but so do pictures. Flower walls are an awesome option for selfie walls to give your guests a beautiful backdrop to make memories with. #flowerwallsfromleaflike


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