Living Walls


Biophilic design can reduce stress, improve cognitive function, inspire creativity and improve our well-being. In a world where urban jungles reign supreme, introducing the natural beauty of greenery into your space has so many fantastic benefits for your guests and venue.


Amongst concrete and marble and manmade timber, stunning architectural living green wall features will astonish your guests and never fail to impress. The connection with nature in a manmade venue will improve your guests’ experience and leave a valuable impression that won’t be going anywhere.


The stunning sight of truly vertical living foliage will support an environment in which your guests can relax and enjoy a touch of natural character in their busy lives. Features of nature used throughout interior design can lower blood pressure and heart rate and improve enjoyment and attention span. Not to mention the benefits that living plants have for air quality.


Not only are living wall fantastic standalone features but they can be used to disguise unsightly areas that detract from the overall aesthetic. Where dull grey concrete backdrops are far too common, living walls can be used to break up spaces with influxes of colour and literal breaths of fresh air.


At Leaflike, our team of experienced designers know just what is required to create a beautiful, natural addition to your venue. Our living walls can be used for interiors and exteriors and will support your design seamlessly.


Using our free visualisation service, you can see exactly what your living wall design will look like in-situ before you even have to spend a pretty penny. Systematic maintenance in also provided in the final cost.



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