Moss Walls


Moss walls are growing in popularity and you can also experience their benefits with beautiful, thriving solutions from Leaflike. A real wall that never dies and requires very little maintenance and has a big ‘wow’ factor…what’s not to love? 


Moss walls, as well as living green walls, are the latest trend for greenery in interior design and beneficial wellness interiors. Innovative and green-thumbed creatives discovered that moss was a beautiful and beneficial way to create dimensional art pieces that fully harnessed natural design to liven up any environment.


The introduction of material and sensory biophilic design into the commercial space has encouraged not only beautiful aesthetic benefits but also health-focused ones. Moss and living walls make a venue’s air quality much healthier! They remove the harmful volatile organic compounds that circulate in the air and selflessly release fresh, pure oxygen in return.


The Leaflike moss wall feature is the perfect design piece to brighten any area of your venue. As our moss walls are made from preserved moss, they require minimal maintenance and zero water, making this real foliage option is a win-win solution. 


Leaflike currently offer our moss walls in Reindeer moss or Bun moss options. Our design team will work alongside you to create any shape, pattern, logo or image that your heart desires. The impressive texture and gorgeous design of a Leaflike moss wall is bound to keep your guests and visitors impressed from the start.


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