Trell-8 Walls


Turn your vertical surfaces into living gardens with the Trell-8 green wall from Leaflike. This innovatively designed green wall is created on a trellis back and designer to cover large areas to add a fresh breath of life to your venue to impress your guests. Another amazing cost-saving green wall solution from Leaflike.


The inclusion of a green wall can transform any area whether it’s an interior or exterior. With a guaranteed, immediate wow factor, there’s never a doubt that your valued guests will remember their experience for years to come.


Not only are green walls a fantastic feature by inherent design but they can be used to disguise eyesores, transform urban wastelands, enhance cityscapes and add stunning visual impact to public spaces. Where living plants couldn’t survive, green walls are designed to give all the lush aesthetics expected of a real plant feature without the maintenance system or care.


The Trell-8 green wall is just as good a real wall of solid foliage – if not better! The UV-rated design means that the lush appearance of your Trell-8 green wall won’t fade in the sun and the quality will continue to transform your venue for a long time! The Trell-8 green wall is also FR-rated for extra peace of mind and guest safety.


The aesthetically pleasing, on-trend biophilic addition of an Trell-8 green wall is a must. Don’t hesitate to transform your venue with a beautiful flash of lush green wherever you please. All you have to do is speak to one of the Leaflike design team to start the creation of your bespoke green wall now.