Moss Wall Art

Moss Wall is the latest trend for greenery in interior design and wellness interiors.

A beautiful and beneficial way to create art pieces that fulfill natural design to liven any environment.

Leaflike Moss Wall Art is made from preserved moss, making this real foliage a great option.

Our design team will work alongside you to create any shape, pattern, logo or image that you desire.


100% natural, requires no water

Preserved moss with minimal maintenance

Bespoke designs

Create any logo or image

Impressive texture

Reindeer moss or Bun moss options


The introduction of biophilic design into the commercial space has encouraged not only beautiful aesthetic benefits but also health-focused ones. Moss Wall and living walls make a venue’s air quality much healthier! They remove the harmful volatile organic compounds that circulate in the air and selflessly release fresh, pure oxygen in return.

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