Hotel Plant Screens & Indoor Trough Planters


Screening and trough planting solutions are quintessential for creating beautiful areas within your venue.


Provide privacy to your clients or create distinct zones with unrivalled flare and uncompromised aesthetic with a screen and trough planting option.


Add creative design and layout to your rooms

Suitable for a dining room or a meeting room

Create modular areas for your visitors

Preserve guest privacy and enhances their experience


For busy dining areas and restaurants, screens and troughs create divisions between the bustle of the culinary backdrop and preserve intimate conversations and special moments spent together.


Leaflikeā€™s team of imaginative designers will work closely with you or take your design ideas and let a bespoke screen solution blossom to perfectly suit your venue. Leaflike can also incorporate your logo into the design to provide free brand exposure with eye-catching impact and attention to your branding.


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