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Enhance the atmosphere of your hospitality experience and create a great first impression for your clients through the use of Leaflike’s extensive floral range. Ranging from large floral arrangements right down to table centres, Leaflike’s creative designs will completely sate your appetite (and design) requirements and make sure to satisfy your guest’s taste buds.


Attending a restaurant and dining is all about the atmosphere and experience. There’s no foregoing how important the actual food itself is but the sensation and quality of the ‘dining experience’ is what truly shapes a guests’ experience. Mood, decor and those little touches that companies overlook are some of the key ingredients for customer retention and engaging new business. A little floral touch goes a long way. Just how a chef garnishes for decoration and effect, so should you with some garnishes of your own.


Dining out is sensory and a positive reaction to surroundings can actually improve how the food tastes because the customer will be relaxed and enjoying what is around them. Customers could eat food at home or elsewhere if they wished but the feel and experience of a restaurant and the values that they represent are what makes a customer stay. Floral arrangements are fantastic ways to show your customers who you are and what your brand means.


To ensure that you get the exact feel and atmosphere that you require for your restaurant, hotel or events venue, Leaflike offers a wide range of floral solutions in lots of different floristry styles. Our creative on-trend designs can create great first impressions for your guests and leave them thinking about their experience for a long time afterwards.


As part of our service, we can offer regular changeovers for your floristry arrangements dependent on their specific life cycles and maintenance needs. This ensures that all floristry remains fresh and beautiful to keep guests enthusiastic about your interior.


Create an ambrosial atmosphere before food even touches your guests’ lips and talk to Leaflike about their dining floristry range today.


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