Astro Turf


Take your exterior to fresh new levels with easy-to-maintain and easy on the eyes artificial grass. When it comes to solutions that improve the exterior of your venue, Leaflike’s wide range of astro turf is the perfect solution.


Sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side and any (out)side you want to lay it on! Exterior astro turf can make your guests feel right at home and never fails to add a natural, immersive feel to any rooftop garden or terrace.


Astro turf is ideal for enhancing any lifeless or less than inspired exterior and in built-up areas such as those in the centre of concrete jungles, artificial grass can help transport guests to their own little, exclusive oasis away from the hustle and bustle.


Guests will feel like they’re surrounded by nature and will instantly relax in the presence of their lush surroundings. However, Leaflike’s exterior astro turf solutions also have you in mind for getting that perfect finish without all the hard work.


Leaflike offers a wide range of styles to ensure that our astro turf solutions will always meet your exterior design layout. We can even do stripes if you’re feeling extra funky. With a real-feel quality but none of the maintenance of real grass, you can expect low ongoing maintenance after the astro turf has been installed. Not to mention, astro turf is a cost-effective solution with all the benefits of its alternatives.


Leaflike provides a professional installation and fitting service so you can be confident that you will get the finish you want to give your guests the best experience.


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