Hotel Window Trough Planters & Hanging Baskets


Add a splash of colour to the exterior of your venue with beautiful seasonal flowers. Make sure you’re adding life and vibrancy to your guests’ arrival experience all year round with beautiful planting solutions. 


In the warmer months, the presence and colours of beautiful flora makes people smile wider and stop to smell the roses. Think about the symbolic yellow of the daffodil that bursts forth in the early months and gets people excited for spring.


With seasonal planting solutions, you can ensure that your guests are greeted by beautiful, bright colours every single day of the year.

External colour planting solutions to suit any layout and style of venue 

From warm colour bursting from window troughs to vivid tones pouring over the rim of hanging baskets


Use external planting and seasonal colour to create inspirational feature pieces that match the time of year.

With systematic ongoing maintenance, being creative and improving guest experience has never been so simple.


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