Lifelike and Live floor-standing plants


Enhance your venue through the use of design-led planting displays. Large or small, lifelike or live, traditional or contemporary; when it comes to planting, Leaflike have the answer:


Incorporating plants into your venue can add completely new and revitalised visual dimensions to your interior. Floor-standing plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but their visual presence adds a creative depth that will never fail to impress your valued guests. Where first impressions count, floor-standing plants have the same remarkable impact every single time.


The use of interior plants will make guests and visitors feel more comfortable and at home alongside natural elements and this budding design trend will enhance their experience. However, it won’t only be your guests’ eyes that will benefit. Live plants naturally help clean the air, enhancing the well-being and cleanliness of your venue.


Using our brilliant Leaflike team of plant-loving creatives, we will work collaboratively with you to design a stunning planting scheme that is completely bespoke to your venue. Not only do we offer a unique visualisation service to help you picture just how your planting display will look but we will configure the display based on our top-level know-how of interior design to make sure your display complements the decor of your venue and provides an unparalleled experience for guests.


Whether it’s stunning planter options to finish the ‘look’ or vast wallscapes of verdure, Leaflike have the solution for every interior. Rental with full maintenance programme or purchase options available.


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