Table Top


Designer table-top planting displays are the perfect way to enhance any area of your venue. From reception desks to restaurant areas, table-top creations are a beautiful and creative way to impress your guests and improve their experience. When it comes to turning the tables on beautiful designs for your venue, Leaflike have the answer:


The integration of nature and planting displays onto the surfaces of your venue is an inspiring way to breath life into your interiors. A splash of greenery here or a burst of colour there can completely transform the existing appearance of your venue.


Even the smallest displays can have a large impact and even a compact table-top display tucked into an alcove can brighten up hallways and passages. Many venue spaces may also feel too cavernous and a quintessential way to solve this is to break up the room with planting displays. However, they are also ideal for adding depth to breakout spaces.


Depending on the special requirements and aesthetics of your interior, Leaflike’s table-top planting solutions are completely design-led to ensure that you get the exact appearance and impact you’re after. Whether it’s breathtaking centrepieces to keep guests talking while dining or subtle displays of viridescence in the lobby, guests always respond positively to the presence of beautiful biophilic designs.


From exotic tropical displays, leaf green foliage planting to stunning succulent arrangements, Leaflike promises to provide you with the perfect table-top solution …no matter the space. We can offer a wide range of live or lifelike planting with innovative planters that blend perfectly with your aesthetic and design ideals.


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