Vibrant Gym Design at Instagym, Stoke Newington

Nestled within a vibrant parade of shops, Instagym spans two floors with lofty ceilings, fostering an airy and spacious environment. Instagym’s ‘Instagrammable’ design creates an inspiring and uplifting atmosphere, the perfect place for a tough workout.



The Brief

In pursuit of creating an inspiring and vibrant gym environment, Instagym sought to implement eco-friendly planting solutions with bold design, that gives a light touch of biophilia while prioritising sustainability.



The Solution

Leaflike responded by designing an environmentally conscious planting solution that aligns with Instagym’s ethos. Utilising preserved moss, Leaflike’s approach not only reduces carbon emissions but also promotes sustainability through reducing maintenance requirements. By harnessing the power of biohpilia, the solution not only inspires it’s users, but also fosters a greener and healthier workout environment.



The Results

The implementation of Leaflike’s sustainable planting solution significantly helped in Instagym’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The space is transformed into a vibrant and inspiring environment, with striking moss lines seamlessly blending nature’s beauty with modern design. This integration not only enhances the wellbeing of users, but also leaves gym-goers feeling refreshed, reflecting Instagym’s dedication to sustainability and creating a welcoming atmosphere conducive to intense exercise and memorable experiences.

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