Ready for Summer ?

Summertime is finally here … help your guests to enjoy it to the full. These warmer months, are the most popular time of the year for people go on holiday, so it is important for hotels to look their best. Delicious menu’s featuring seasonal summer food come on to view, seasonal events are featured throughout the inside of the hotel but what about the exterior ? Does your hotel’s exterior reflect summer ?

This is a key area as it is the start of a customer’s experience before they even step inside the hotel. Bright, colourful seasonal bedding shouts a welcome to the long sunny summer days and gives your hotel a cheerful, welcoming look. People often judge a hotel by its exterior, as we have mentioned before – First impressions count ! If the outside looks stunning, then more customers will be attracted to your property, because of the initial positive experience they have already had. Using beautiful summer blooms, will show your clients you are up to date, you care about detail and you care about them.

If your hotel is not looking like summer, you can be very soon, by using beautiful hanging baskets, stunning seasonal window troughs or feature buxus with seasonal flowers. The best part is it requires no effort from you, if you leave it to Leaflike’s capable technicians. Leaflike can ensure you make it your best summer ever.