K + K George Hotel London

The Client The K+K George Hotel 
Leaflike Project Location London, W1
Leaflike Products used on the project Live Plants, Buxus Screening, Floral Display

Nobody likes to feel hedged in, but when it’s a beautifully green buxus hedge providing a splash of colour in a grey urban world then it certainly wins approval.


When K & K George, a traditional London townhouse style hotel, made the decision to replenish their plants, with a view to revitalizing their renown luxurious and charming atmosphere, they nominated Leaflike to step in… a natural choice being an approved supplier on The Birch Street Hilton Purchasing system.


With the advantage of mock up designs and visual images provided by Leaflike they were able to see for themselves and choose which style of planting was best suited to their splendid Victorian frontage.  The decision was settled on a pair of beautiful Laurel Trees for their Entrance and 37 troughs of buxus hedging to beautify their balconies.  With difficult access for ongoing care the most obvious choice was Lifelike (not real) here, giving the assurance it would always look as green and trim as the initial install, despite what the weather conditions throw at it!


In the interior the selection was suited to the surroundings and you will find plants ranging from the Tropical and colourful Bird of Paradise, to the spiky Yucca’s and delicate leafy fronds of the Kentia Palms, as well as seasonal floristry, a balanced mix of Live and Lifelike depending on the area and provision of natural light.


Having used Leaflike in the past, for Christmas installs, the feedback comments from Phillip Chambers the General Manager was:


‘Great Service as always!’


… and their Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator gave topmarks, an outstanding 10/10, not only for the design and displays but the management and service too.


I think we could safely say the attention to detail from start to finish is the vital ingredient in Leaflike’s customer satisfaction.

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