Meet James, Leaflike’s Master Landscaper

Meet James

James joined Leaflike in April 2024 as an experienced landscaper, quickly making a significant impact. His expertise in exterior planting has boosted our team’s knowledge and elevated our reputation. His unwavering dedication to the health and vibrancy of every plant he tends is a testament to his deep understanding and commitment to his craft.

For our contract customers, James is a familiar and trusted face, known for his extensive knowledge and easy-going manner. From towering trees to delicate bedding plants, he keeps them all thriving. Cotoneaster blanketing the ground, versatile cherry laurels, and privacy-providing Photinia Red Robin – James has planted and nurtured them all. His expertise spans plants’ lifecycles, understanding their unique needs, from evergreens to seasonal bloomers.

Seeing plants as living beings, James tackles any issue with a green thumb and an eco-friendly twist. His electric vehicle allows him to access even urban areas restricted to petrol-powered vehicles, minimising pollution and promoting sustainability.

James’s approach to indoor plants, especially those native to warmer, humid climates, ensures they thrive in optimal conditions. Using a soil meter, he carefully measures moisture, pH levels, light intensity, and temperature to meet each plant’s specific needs. This technology acts like a plant doctor’s stethoscope, safeguarding the health of your green spaces.

Beyond his talent with plants, James is also a musician. He plays the guitar and was once part of a touring band. His love for music complements his passion for nature; he believes both offer profound benefits. For James, music is nature in sound form, enhancing his passion and dedication to gardening.

James is a perfect fit for Leaflike. He combines his plant expertise and commitment to sustainability to create beautiful, thriving environments for our clients.

If you’re seeking a Biophilic Design expert, Leaflike provides exceptional design, gold-standard customer service, full installation, and ongoing plant maintenance. Please get in touch to learn more.