NEW Groundbreaking Exterior Product …

Spring is here, the grass is growing and everyone is in busy getting their venue’s exterior looking smart for the upcoming summer months. Everyone knows that clean & professional looking striped grass adds a certain prestige to the look of any venue however the time factor of getting this right and staying right, takes time and effort. How about if you could grow it that way, right from the beginning ?


We have been thinking about this idea and are just launching a fantastic new product where you can have a permanently striped grass area, which looks perfect all year round which is a winner for the busy hospitality trade. This special grass seed has been designed so that the grass grows naturally in stripes using 2 different types of seed. It’s a very simple process, just sprinkle type 1 of grass seed in a row evenly ensuring the area is well covered, then sprinkle the type 2 grass seed in another row, alternating so you have rows of each  type across the area. Then water in well and wait for your striped lawn to sprout.


This grass seed works in all areas, astonishingly hardy and needs very little maintenance.


The beauty of this product is the creativeness it gives you, the sky is the limit. You could sprinkle the different types of grass seed into the shape of your logo and watch it grow, marketing your hotel for you as well as giving you a delightful green exterior. Checkerboards and diamonds are also common designs that would have a stunning impact.  


Make your hotel stand out today and enquire to express your interest and get more information on this new product on [email protected]   


Get your enquiry in quick before someone grasses you up!