Lean Luxurious Calm at Ruby Molly, Dublin

Blending Country Charm with City Chic, Ruby Molly nestles in to Dublin on East Arran Street.



The Brief

As part of Leaflike’s ongoing partnership with the German-based Ruby Hotel Group, Leaflike was entrusted with providing interior and exterior hotel planting design, installation, and maintenance services for Ruby Molly, one of the group’s largest hotels. For over a century, the surrounding area was home to a lively fruit and vegetable market where rural traders met urban city-goers. Inspired by this meeting, Ruby Molly mimics this haven of lean luxurious calm. Mirroring the iconic market, Leaflike aimed to seamlessly integrate biophilic design elements throughout the venue, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and sustainability.



The Solution

Leaflike implemented a comprehensive biophilic design strategy that harmonised with Molly’s iconic setting. From standout entrance planters to delicate herbs in wicker baskets, every aspect of the hotel was meticulously curated to reflect a cohesive biophilic narrative aligned with the surroundings.



The Results

Ruby Molly’s collaboration with Leaflike results in a stunning showcase of biophilic design that seamlessly intertwined with the hotel’s lean chic and cosy vibe. From the striking visual impact of barrel planters to the intricate delicacies of lavender and mint, every element contributes to a cosy, vibrant and sustainable atmosphere.

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