Elevating Hotel Plants and Service Quality at Sofitel Heathrow

Nestled within the bustling ambience of Heathrow Airport, Sofitel Heathrow stands as an epitome of luxury and comfort for travelers. Offering impeccable hospitality and a serene ambience amidst the airport’s hustle and bustle, the hotel is renowned for its elegant design and top-notch services.



The Brief:

Sofitel Heathrow faced a challenge with its previous supplier in maintaining the greenery throughout the property. The hotel boasted numerous large trees, floor-standing planting displays and table-top plants, spread across its reception, meeting and events spaces, restaurants, and spa to name a few areas. However, due to inadequate maintenance practices, the plants began to lose their vibrancy. This impacted the overall aesthetics of the hotel and was diminishing the guest experience. Sofitel Heathrow needed a supplier that would take ownership and pride in their work, maintaining the luxury standard and offering a hassle free service.


The Solution:

In a bid to revitalise the hotel’s ambience and enhance guest satisfaction, Sofitel Heathrow management entrusted Leaflike with the task of overhauling the plant maintenance regime. We devised a comprehensive plan to breathe new life into Sofitel’s green spaces. Leaflike implemented further design changes to enhance the plant placements to maximise visual impact and complement the property.


The Results:

The partnership between Sofitel Heathrow and Leaflike has brought about remarkable results. Rejuvenating the hotel’s green spaces and elevating the guest experience to new heights. Guests are now greeted by vibrant foliage and lush greenery when entering the hotel, setting a tone of tranquility and sophistication from the outset.

The meticulous maintenance efforts of our technicians has led to a noticeable improvement in the health and appearance of the hotel greenery. Lush foliage, vibrant blooms, and well-manicured displays now adorn the the hotel and enhancing the visual allure of these spaces and creating memorable experiences for guests.

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