The Guzmania – 5 Funky Facts

The Guzmania is a unique plant with stiff, glossy leaves, that grow into a rosette, from the plant’s base. They add a splash of colour with their beautiful bracts, which come in a variety of different colours including yellow, white, pink, red and orange.

Whether you are looking for a stunning floor standing display, beautiful desk top arrangement  or as an additional base plant to go around another specimen plant, these will enhance any area, especially as maintained and looked after by Leaflikes’ technicians . See below 5 interesting facts about these impactful plants :

  •   The Guzmania is named after the 18th century Spanish naturalist, Anastasio Guzman
  •   The Guzmania is an evergreen perennial plant, belonging to a plant group known as the epiphytes.
  •   The Guzmania is native to Florida, the West Indies, Southern Mexico, Central America, Northern and Western South America.
  •  Tropical rainforests are the main natural habitat for these plants. Unusually they do not grow in soil, they usually grow on tree trunks in but do not harm the tree. Much of their usual habitat has been destroyed by conversion of rain forest to crop land.
  • Due to the Guzmania being a tropical plant, this plant likes a warm temperatures and high humidity. It also needs bright light otherwise it will not produce flowers.