The Queens Gate Hotel

The Client The Queens Gate Hotel
Leaflike Project Location London
Leaflike Products used on Project Exterior Live Planting, Live Seasonal Troughs, Lifelike Interior Screening Troughs

The Queens Gate Hotel wanted to extend their welcome to potential guests by making their hotel entrance even more attractive. Leaflike’s design consultants worked on some options that best suited their requirements and the result was simple but stylish. 


Topiary planters with the hotels logo stand proud in front of the entrance pillars the combination bringing an eye-catching result.  Often an added touch of greenery is just what’s needed to bring out the beauty of our Nation’s amazing Architecture.


As you proceed up the steps and approach the front door you will be flanked by two railing troughs with seasonal planting, conveying the sense that you are about to escape the hustle and bustle of city life into a calm and peaceful retreat.  The impression is strengthened as you dine in the Restaurant with a screening of grass troughs in front of a lovely cityscape mural where you can enjoy the city without the traffic!


It is a proven fact that plants have a calming effect so why not ensure your guests have that experience when they visit your venue.  They will want to return time and again for the experience!


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