The Store Oxford

The Store, an inviting luxury lifestyle hotel nestled in the heart of Oxford. Boasting 101 rooms, a destination restaurant, a rooftop bar, a rejuvenating spa, and numerous spaces to explore, The Store promises an exceptional experience.


Situated on Broad Street within the historic Boswells department store, The Store enchants guests with a maze of beautifully designed and welcoming spaces that inspire a sense of adventure and wonder.



The Brief

Partnering with EQ Group, Reef Group, and Envisage Interiors, Leaflike was entrusted with providing interior and exterior hotel planting design, installation, and maintenance services for The Store, the new heart of Oxford.

In pursuit of the luxury lifestyle vibe that EQ Group aimed to achieve, the hotel acknowledged the significance of integrating planting displays throughout the property, mimicking the serene Oxfordshire countryside surrounding. Leaflike, renowned for its expertise in botanical design, was entrusted with this task to infuse nature’s beauty seamlessly into the hotel’s sophisticated ambience.



The Solution

Leaflike implemented a comprehensive biophilic design strategy that harmonised with The Store’s iconic setting. From standout entrance planters to beautiful kentia palms, every aspect of the hotel was meticulously curated to reflect a cohesive biophilic narrative aligned with the surroundings. Accurately selecting plants to compliment different areas, starting with the distinctive displays that enhance the grandeur of the luxury country house. Then the interior living plants carefully incorporated into the restaurants and public spaces, bringing a touch of the outdoors in and providing the desired sense of luxury



The Results

The Store’s collaboration with Leaflike results in a stunning showcase of biophilic design that seamlessly intertwined with the hotel’s luxury lifestyle and cosy vibe. From the striking visual impact of kentia palms to the intricate delicacies of succulents, every element contributes to a cosy, vibrant and sustainable atmosphere.

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