The story behind Reindeer Moss ….

Would you like to know more about where our unique preserved moss originates from, the same moss that creates stunning designer moss walls ? Well, sit back, relax and read on :

Our most popular moss, that we mainly use when making our feature Moss Walls, is a bushy lichen indigenous to Norway’s forests and mountain areas. Whether it is preserved or not, it has a spongy look and feel and can hold its shape and its colour under proper care. It has been used for decorative purposes for hundreds of years and is wonderfully versatile.                     


The moss grows in lush mats over large areas of the ground and is the one of the food sources, along with leaves, willow and grasses, for Reindeer during the winter, hence it’s common name is Reindeer Moss. Moose, Caribou and Musk Oxen also feed on this moss. The reindeer reach this moss by digging craters in the snow to get to the lichens. This moss has a high carbohydrate value as well as including a special chemical which gives the reindeer energy to make body heat which keeps them warm for their yearly journey across the Artic region.                       


The location in Norway where this moss grows, is an area where carefully controlled harvesting is of the utmost importance, so it is harvested by hand to minimalize the impact on local environment and the forest animals, ensuring this product is sustainable. It is collected up just as it is from the ground, including pine needles and everything else on the forest floor!

This then goes through a special preserving process before coming in to us here at Leaflike where we carefully sort through the moss removing the pine needles and forest droppings. Then our expert florists set to work to carefully craft this lovely reindeer moss into a bespoke design moss wall for one of our clients.

Why not get your own fascinating moss wall on order today…..