Hotel Planting | The Waldorf Hilton’s Biophilic Transformation

Blending Edwardian grandeur with modern comfort, The Waldorf Hilton sits in the centre of London’s glitzy theatre district.


The Brief:

Leaflike was entrusted with providing interior and exterior hotel planting design, installation, and maintenance services for The Waldorf Hilton, a prestigious venue known for its timeless elegance and luxurious ambience. The client aimed to seamlessly integrate biophilic design elements throughout the venue, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and sustainability.


The Solution:

Leaflike implemented a comprehensive biophilic design strategy that harmonised with The Waldorf Hilton’s iconic setting. From delicate restaurant table flowers to majestic palm trees within Palm Court, every aspect of the venue was meticulously curated to reflect a cohesive biophilic narrative.


Iconic Bowler Hat Topiary Trees

At the entrance of hotel, iconic bowler hat topiary trees create a whimsical yet sophisticated welcome for guests. These topiary trees not only serve as a unique focal point but also pay homage to the hotel’s rich history and heritage. The bowler hat topiary trees add a touch of charm and character to the venue, further enhancing its allure and making a memorable impression on visitors.


The Results:

The Waldorf Hilton’s collaboration with Leaflike resulted in a stunning showcase of biophilic design that seamlessly intertwined with the venue’s grandeur and sophistication. From the striking visual impact of lifelike exterior planting to the intricate details of preserved floral arrangements, every element contributed to a vibrant and sustainable atmosphere.

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