The Yucca – 5 Funky Facts

The Yucca is an excellent plant which suits the interior of hotel venues very well due its striking appearance as well as being a hardy plant with the ability to retain a lot of water in their trunk and draw off this supply. See below 5 funky facts about this interesting plant :

  • The Yucca plant is an evergreen shrub that belongs to the Asparagus family.
  • There are 49 species of Yucca
  • The Yucca grows in hot, arid conditions on dry, sandy, well-drained soil and can be found in southwestern parts of North America, Mexico and Centra and South America
  • Native American Indians used the roots of the Yucca for soap and its leaf fibres for cords an sandals
  • The remarkable flower-spikes, 6 feet or more high, appear when plants are 5 or more years old.