Viet Eat Restaurant

 The Client   Viet Eat Restaurant
 Leaflike Project Location  London, WC2B
 Leaflike products used on the project  Lifelike Plants, Banners, Screening System


Whether you wish to provide a cosy corner, a secluded retreat or simply divide an area, Leaflike have the solution with their Sgreen system.  A system of planters with banners between them in configurations to suit your need.  The Banners can be personalised with your logo or a brand design of your choice.


Viet Eat, a distinctively Vietnamese Restaurant in London, strive to provide a friendly but casual dining experience for their customers.  Their challenge was to provide street side eating but with protection for their customers from the hustle and bustle of London, Sgreen was the perfect solution. 


They chose traditional wooden planters (many other options available) and printed banners bearing their logo.  The plants themselves were authentic Lifelike Buxus Topiary balls (live planting also available), great for creating a fresh look with very minimal maintenance.  The transformation of their Restaurant frontage was amazing, all of a sudden they became 3D and stuck out from the crowd!  Certainly a face to remember!


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