Wagstaff Partnership at CDW23

Wagstaff Group is a global company that specialises in commercial interiors, office furniture, and workspace solutions. Established in 1903 Wagstaff Group are one of the most prominent names in the interior furniture and fit-out industry.


The Brief

Wagstaff Group approached us to be their expert biophilic partner at CDW (Clerkenwell Design Week) that could offer a planting scheme that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space, but to contribute to a more sustainable and ecofriendly environment. They wanted to show their commitment as a company to environmental responsibility, promoting a positive brand image and inspiring visitors to adopt sustainable practices.


The Solution

Leaflike developed an environmentally-friendly planting solution that integrated sustainable CO2 neutral planters, planters made from 100% renewable wind energy and planters made forest residue, minimising the environmental impact. By utilising hydroculture planting, this sustainable approach not only reduces CO2 emissions but also releases oxygen, resulting in air purification and the elimination of harmful toxins within the showroom.


The Results 

Presenting an inventive and progressive outlook on sustainable planting, this thoughtfully designed solution now brings the enchanting allure of the outdoors into the showroom. Its purpose extends beyond aesthetics, fostering a dynamic, revitalising, and inspiring atmosphere that leaves a memorable impact on clients and prospects. By seamlessly blending nature’s marvels, such as captivating Everleaf moss walls and living planting displays, the space becomes a living testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to sustainability. Moreover, it created a welcoming environment that elevated client experiences and underscores the showroom’s commitment to a greener future.


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