What’s trending for 2019 Xmas ?

Ready to learn this year’s Xmas secrets ?

Having looked into the 2019 Xmas trends in detail, we’re going to share the top 3 theme’s with you :

Marvellous Metallics

Metal hues and material choices are going strong this year although the trend is changing slightly with the shine reduced and aged old glow taking over. Patina, rust and oxygenic iron give a vibrant and warmer textural feel to this trendy Christmas selection.

The Blue Hue

It is clear that tonal blues, turquoises and cerulean and Peacock are very much a 2019 Christmas trend. Brightly coloured and beautiful, this theme is set to wow

Pretty Pink

An unusual theme to associate with Christmas maybe however paired with gold it stuns. Iridescent humming birds and flamingo’s, pink is everywhere, mainly due to the fact that this year’s colour is coral. This pretty playful theme is perfect for something different and eye-catching

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