Hotel Screen Planters & Outdoor Trough Planters


Enhance outdoor spaces and create breakout features with exterior screening solutions from Leaflike. Our bespoke modular system called Sgreen and our beautiful exterior trough planters are the perfect way to create outdoor eating areas and provide a better dining experience for your customers.


Break up large spaces to create small zones or meeting areas without spoiling the sensation of spaciousness

Divide large dining exterior areas without applying a permanent structure

Create a feeling of privacy without disrupting beautiful views and ambience


Dining out is all about creating an experience. The food is an important but not total part of dining. The mood, ambience and location are as tantalising to the taste buds as the products that leave the kitchen.


At Leaflike, we create bespoke screen and planter solutions that are perfectly designed to suit your venue. Whether you require our planters or modular Sgreen system for an eating area, walkway or terrace, we’re always bound to have the solutions that you’re after.


We can also add banners and logos to the Sgreen flexible module system to promote your brand and provide free brand exposure to new and existing customers.


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