Wall Art


We’re happy to introduce Leaflike’s brand-new product: Design-led Wall Art Pictures! As a finishing element, wall art is a beautiful and engaging way to take your pre-existing interior to beautiful new levels. Biophilic wall art is a fresh, stunning concept and Leaflike has the best solutions out there available for you.


Truly breathtaking wall art is so much more than just a picture hanging limply on the wall. Design-led, biophilic wall art is an inspiring, trendsetting, and vibrant feature that will spring your venue above, beyond and away from the crowd.


Not only that but the inclusion of natural wall art can transform your rooms into bright and spirited spaces that will have a positive impact on your guests. Bursts of lush, artistic vegetation will catch the eye effortlessly and get your guests talking as well as feeling more relaxed in the environment around them with the help of horticulture. Whether it’s an accompaniment for a walkway or a stand-out feature in a lobby, wall art is a fantastic feature piece.


Leaflike offers a wide range of design-led wall art so that you can choose a design that perfectly complements your venue interior. Whether you want a live or artificial artwork or something more floral, Leaflike have wall art in all shapes and sizes with lots of different designs and plant types.


As if the versatility of the vegetation behind the art wasn’t enough, Leaflike also offers different styles of premium quality frames to make your wall art truly stand out in its setting. For all venues, wall art is a minimal maintenance solution to a big impact requirement. For those on a smaller budget or those looking for a final touch, wall art is a cost-effective solution for those unable to, or not wanting, a full-size green wall.


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