Hotel Planters & Bespoke Logo Planters


When it comes to taking the exterior and interior design of your venue to new heights, nothing has as much of a personalised and upscale feel as the inclusion of a custom logo. 


Incorporating your brand logo into your planting scheme can completely enhance the character of your venue before guests have even passed through the doorway.


A logo is the face of your company and is a delineation of your business and values

A succinct and crucial part of your branding

Displaying it on planters on the exterior of your venue is a key way to portray your brand to new and old customers

A logo is much more than just an image; it is a point of recognition for clients


An exterior planter emblazoned with your logo is the ideal way to make your entrance stand out from the crowd and acts as free brand exposure all the time.


With Leaflike’s collection of dedicated designers at the ready to support you, showing off your brand, artwork and visualisations to the world has never promised to be so simple or effective. All you have to do is send us your logo and our designers will do the rest.


Leaflike offers a selection of different style logo graphics. Choose from a wide range of planter styles and select how your logo fixes to the planter; either directly or in the form of a logo plaque.


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