2019 Style Trend – New Frontiers

The second trend Horticulture Sector Trend for 2019 is one called New Frontiers. This trend takes into account the approaching tsunami of technology which will totally change the world we live in. Ultimate convenience for the user is the result of this influx of technology, where our environment automatically anticipates our behaviour and needs. This trend is futuristic and exciting, it incorporates geometric shapes, reflective materials and strong, bright colour spectrum. Our focus is a healthy balance between body and mind so how can we achieve this ?


The energetic effect of greenery combined with technological gadgets is essential for this healthy balance between the body and the mind. Unique, unusual shrubs lend themselves to creating this new style as well as bright, fresh looking contemporary plants. Florals with extensive use of purples and whites also help capture the trend.


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Styling Elize Eveleens – Klimprodukties