5 ways planting can positively impact hotels

5 ways planting can positively impact hotels

It’s that final touch when the hotel is first opened to its guests, that small but lasting impression it can have on your guest’s arrival and overall stay experience.

As designers, we agree it’s important. But what are the specific ways it impacts my hotel?

In this article, we highlight 5 key areas that can help you research the impact of planting in hotels.

1. Increased revenue per guest
Hotel experiences are all about how they make people feel. Guests who feel like they are being treated better are prepared to pay more. Including plants in your spaces, makes it feel more premium and raises the luxury feel of your venue, and customers are prepared to pay more for an improved experience. In one study conducted by Wolf, “guests are willing to pay 12% more for a service in an environment with planting displays”.

2. Stronger customer retention
It’s been proven that attractive planting displays increases dwell time in a hotel lobby area by as much as 36%. Planting can be a great way to improve customer retention and encourage them to stay in the space by the feeling of connection to nature.

3. Higher footfall
First impressions count. A well-designed planting scheme will attract people to a venue. Large planting and trees act as feature displays in the lobby area and help to make us see the space as more wealthy and prosperous; therefore more inviting and attractive.

4. Increased staff wellbeing
Planting and floristry displays will not only positively impact the guests; staff will also feel happier and more energised when they have a great planting scheme in the hotel as part of the experience they can offer. This will improve the level of service in the hotel, leading to an increased customer experience overall.

5. Improved brand profile
Hotels with planting in the rooms and throughout the public spaces look more attractive than ones without. This means that photos of the hotel in literature, magazines and your online presence will be transformed through the addition of greenery around the space. This in turn will drive more attention, views and ultimately more enquiries.

There are many ways planting and the power of biophilia, bringing the outside in, can cause a positive impact on your guest experience and the wellbeing of your staff. Talk to us to discuss your space and how you can maximise the return on your investment.



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