Meet Brandon: Designing Your Dream Space

Imagine spaces that energise you, respect the environment, and evoke a sense of wonder. That’s Brandon’s speciality at Leaflike! As Head of Design, he collaborates with you and a skilled team of designers and architects to bring your vision to life. His inclusive approach ensures everything goes smoothly, from design to construction and ongoing maintenance, resulting in a sustainable space you’ll love.

Brandon brings a deep understanding of biophilic design (integrating nature’s elements for well-being) and experience in major projects like the BoTree and the Mandarin Oriental Mayfair London Hotel. 

An emerging trend in the early stages of development is the influence of government legislation on building practices. For instance, the increasing importance of green building certifications like BREEAM emphasises the vital role of incorporating green elements in new developments. Cities like London, Manchester, Leeds, and Edinburgh are taking proactive steps by mandating considerations like biodiversity net gain for planning permissions. This push for urban greening aligns perfectly with Brandon and his team’s approach. They champion holistic design, considering a space’s environmental impact right from the start.

As Head of Design, Brandon plays a pivotal role in shaping our approach to sustainable and inspiring environments. His recognition of the essential role of collaboration, expertise, and client-centric approaches sets us apart. Leaflike embodies this philosophy, offering comprehensive solutions that infuse biophilic knowledge into your project from the very beginning, ensuring its success.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner to bring your vision to life and create a beautiful, environmentally conscious space, please get in touch.