Sustainable green walls help bring your vision to life

Blog by Brandon Abernethie, Commercial Director

Turn any wall into a living space. Being cost effective and doing more with less seems more important this year. I want to share with you our top tips for artificial green walls as an on-trend and sustainable product.

Top tips

Are you looking for a sustainable solution?
– The aesthetic design features make the product sustainable. Bring your vision to life and make it last. Real or replica is a hot topic currently and the reality is sometimes its the only practical solution for the environment. For example, a balcony in direct sunlight or an indoor swimming pool.

What about biodiversity?
– Is is true that our love of nature would always be our preferred choice, especially if it provides a home for wildlife and habitat, however sometimes a living wall is harder to maintain depending on the location. You can combine a replica wall with real aspects and more people are choosing the sustainable option. We are all working towards this as an eco-friendly option.

Are your products recycled?
– Yes, we do supply recycled polymers as an option for planters and the foliage themselves. We work with you on your bespoke needs.

Is safety top of your agenda?
– Safety is paramount. The green walls are FR rated, making it easy to specify and UV protected for outside conditions.

Did you know they have no water?
– No water means no leaks, pumps or mechanisms and they are lighter in weight. Keep it simple with the green wall installation and no maintenance.

Can you get creative?
– Yes of course, you can bespoke any project, add lights, signage, logo or welcome message and customise your favourite flowers and colours.

Looking for sophistication?
– Look no further, these green walls are sophisticated not complicated. They offer endurance and a good look, also providing immediate impact to hide unsightly areas.

Here are a few familiar names we have recently worked with for green walls:
– Hilton Glasgow, Village Hotels, 54 Queens Gate and V10 Homes.

If you like the sound of all this, why not take advantage of our free visualisation service, you can call or email me on the details below. I look forward to speaking with you.

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Sustainable replica planting with wooden planters at The Slug and Lettuce