Who are the Tropical Hero’s ??

So who does belong to the Tropical Family ?

Tropical Flowers are flowers that bloom and thrive naturally in sunny, warm & humid climates. A tropical region generally refers to places on or close to the equator.

For example African moon flowers are considered ‘’tropical’’ because they natively grow in Namibia which is a country in Africa. Other examples of members of the tropics are Bird of Paradise, Anthurium, Amaryllis, Blue Passion Flower, Bougainvillea, Heliconia, Protea’s, Hibiscus & Orchid.

These flowers are usually brightly coloured, exotic looking and bring a lovely fresh aroma with them. They represent luxury and beauty and remain symbols of the tropics, perfection of nature and good mood.

Architecturally alluring, these beautifully blooms have a  special way of bringing a shaft of sunshine with an exquisite memory of sandy beaches & cloudless blue skies into any location.

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