Do moss walls smell?

Having installed many moss walls in commercial and public spaces this is a question we get asked every so often.

When was the last time you went for a stroll through a forest? Can you remember the feelings and smells of nature that gave you fresh energy?

This is not too dissimilar to our natural moss walls.

The air in the forest smells very natural and is a great connection to mother nature, making it ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

But let’s face it, it’s not ideal to have these less familiar smells as part of your newly refurbished space.

Rest assured, the natural, sustainably sourced (farmed rather than simply harvested in the wild) and preserved moss tends to share very similar characteristics when it comes to smell; after all, forests are the homeland for all types of moss found in the wild!

Real preserved moss walls often have a unique woody-earthy scent. Fresh, out of the box the moss walls can release a scent of nature for the first 1-3 weeks after the installation as they climatise to their surroundings.

However, there’s no need to worry about the new natural aromas in your space! After this brief period, the smell will fade and will become unnoticeable. This is because although preserved, moss walls are natural plants and not artificial. The non-toxic preservation process that we use allows the moss to keep its natural scent, freshness, texture and appearance without the need for water, soil or fertilizers to maintain them.

Given that moss walls are used for interior design, coming into a room that has recently installed moss walls can smell different. Therefore, the smell may seem ‘unnatural’. Much like the application of fresh paint in new or refurbished spaces, the smell will be clearly noticeable to begin with, but after a while will fade and become part of the atmosphere of the room.

Still not satisfied?

For most people actually, the smell will not bother much. If you particularly have a sensitive nose, we would recommend you use natural odour neutralisers in the room where the moss wall was installed. This will help counteract any temporary natural odours from the moss wall without harming the moss itself. We do not recommend that you use it to spray the moss walls directly as any liquid may damage the preservation and the success of your lush feature wall.


We are always willing to answer your questions to help you learn about the power of moss walls!



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