How much do moss walls cost?

Another frequent question we get asked by moss wall lovers is: how much do moss walls cost?

This will always be one of the first considerations for anyone thinking of incorporating a beautiful moss wall into their space.

In this case price may dictate what type of moss you would like to have.

It can be a challenging question to answer because moss walls can be created in so many ways and installed in so many spaces.

At Leaflike, we strive to educate every potential buyer.

In the following section of the article, we will provide indicative prices based on three key areas. Please note that these prices will state a supply only price at this stage.

Please keep in mind that all prices are based on an average cost across all types of projects, so this may vary depending on your project requirement.

All our moss walls are constructed using three types of moss: woodland moss (or flat moss), reindeer moss and bun moss.

Due to their differences in application, these three types of moss do vary in price:

– Woodland moss tends to be the most cost effective because it is applied in larger quantities and therefore requires less labour to carefully handcraft.

– Reindeer moss, tends to be more expensive because of its nature it is applied in small clumps and consumes increased labour per square metre.

– Bun moss, tends to be the most expensive moss of all because of its natural shape and the process it goes through to be preserved.

In summary, here’s what moss walls cost on average per square metre:
– Woodland moss – £150-£190 per sqm
– Reindeer moss – £375-410 per sqm
– Bun moss – £450-£490 per sqm

Typically, you may like to combine two or three of these mosses to create your perfect designer feature wall, so here are some guide prices based on approximate percentages:
– Mixed wall with 50% woodland moss and 50% reindeer moss – £160-180 per sqm
– Mixed wall with 50% woodland moss, 25% bun moss, 25% reindeer – £200-£240 per sqm
– Mixed wall with 50% woodland moss and 50% bun moss – £220-260 per sqm

In addition to these prices there are three main factors that needs to be considered that will affect the price of your moss wall.

First and foremost, the size of your moss wall.

This is one of the first questions we will ask when qualifying your requirement. The larger the moss wall the higher your price tag will be. Although, that being said, there are benefits of using the right moss for a larger area so that it can be as cost effective as possible. Woodland moss (or flat moss) is a great way to cover large spaces at a comfier price tag.

Secondly, design.

Here at Leaflike we are all about creating the perfect design and working closely with your vision to bring it to life. Therefore, we will carefully consider the outcome you are seeking to achieve when we create your moss wall. Some designs are more complex than others and will involve increased expertise from our in-house moss wall creators. This may increase the price of the final project.

Lastly, the installation process.

Obviously, this isn’t something we can give a definitive price on, but we can point out to you that depending on the area in which the moss wall is to be installed it may drive the price both up and down. Areas where our team are required to work at height, for example, will in turn increase the installation cost for the wall. On the other hand, you may wish to have the moss wall installed by a team you are already working with, in this case we will happily negotiate a supply only costing.

At Leaflike, our team manufacture the highest quality hand-crafted moss walls for interior spaces.


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