How long do moss walls last?

How long do moss walls last?

The preserved moss walls we handcraft in our studio in Oxfordshire can last for many years given they are looked after and adequately cared for over their total lifespan.

As a guide, we state that our moss walls can last anywhere between 2-8 years if they are in the right conditions and not exposed to any harmful elements.

Here are 3 factors that will affect how long your moss wall will last:

1. The type of moss
Different moss types hold different properties meaning that some are more durable and have a tendency to last longer. For example, the texture of bun moss (the rounded, bold shape moss) is harder and stiffer which lends itself to working well in areas of high footfall where the moss wall is likely to come in contact with curious hands.

2. Air conditions of the space
If the air conditions in the room where the moss wall is installed are moist this may affect the performance and durability of your moss wall, even though the product is not actually living and is preserved. Areas of high humidity tend to change the characteristics of some of the mosses, especially reindeer moss, as this type is of a fluffier nature. The same principle applies to spaces where there are significant and constant changes to air conditions. Typically, any side effects due to air conditions are only temporary and can be controlled accordingly.

3. Where the moss wall is installed
As already referred to, where your moss wall is installed in spaces of high footfall, for example, a busy lobby area, it may have the tendency to be rubbed against, knocked, and sometimes a little damaged. Of course, there will always be the curious hands of passers-by who wish to touch and feel the moss wall which could also cause some of the delicate moss to become dislodged. Where moss walls are installed out of reach it is likely to last much longer. Preventative measures can be taken by ensuring the correct types of moss are used in the right areas to avoid this being a problem.

You’re probably wondering whether a moss wall is the right feature piece for your space?

Rest assured…
Our handy craftsmen can fix and repair any possible damage to your moss wall should this ever happen. We are offering this service to all our customers to allow them to take advantage of our annual moss wall maintenance programme. Our team will be at the ready to conduct a visit every year to ensure your moss wall is looking as good as the day it was installed by rearranging the moss design and replenishing where needed.

There’s no need to worry about the longevity of your moss wall ever again!

Here at Leaflike the team is at the ready to support you with your project and guide you through the process. We’re happy to discuss your project and offer professional advice.



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