How much do green walls cost?

Duresta Lifelike Artificial Green Wall

A very common question we get asked from green wall lovers! How much do artificial green walls actually cost?

This is often one of the first considerations when looking to enhance your space using a bespoke green wall solution and understandably so because price is very important!

In this brief article, we will cover a few ideas you need to bear in mind when you are considering investing in a beautiful, designer green wall.

Firstly, we will provide guide prices for different types of green walls, and secondly, we will cover three key areas that will affect the overall cost of your green wall project.

We supply two primary types of replica green walls; standard and premium.

Let’s start with our premium replica green wall.

Our most popular wall is the premium replica green wall, a top of the range product used for high-profile projects where design and quality cannot be sacrificed. This green wall comes out tops for design because of the depth and variety of foliage, giving a wide scope to transform any space. It has been manufactured using high quality silks which enable it to last for years without deterioration.

This product is fire-rated for both exterior and interior standards as well as being UV stabilised. These two key features give this green wall the necessary standards for it to be used in all exterior and interior commercial spaces.

Secondly, our standard green wall product.

We typically specify this type of green wall for all projects that don’t require the wall to be fully fire-rated or UV stabilised. This means that the green wall is a more cost effective for projects where budget is a large constraint. This product is manufactured from high quality silks and can be used in multiple ways just like our premium version.

Please keep in mind that prices are estimated:

– for supply only
– by square metre size
– and based on an average cost across all types of project

For a premium designer green wall that is both fire-rated, and UV stabilised it may cost you between £300-£350 per square metre.

For our standard designer green wall that is not fire retardant or UV stabilised but great for design it may cost you between £100-£200 per square metre.

Here are three key areas that will affect the overall cost of your green wall project:

Size / Specification
The obvious assumption is that the larger the area you are looking to cover the higher the price tag for your green wall. This is often the first question our design team will ask when qualifying your project requirements. Please bear in mind that all projects are quoted accurately with final specification details, therefore, larger green walls will benefit from economies of scale and are likely to cost less than average per square metre.

Our team in the studio are all about working as closely as possible to the design schemes of the client and what we have proposed. Some particular green walls may require several bespoke elements to match the preferred design. These can include:

– additional foliage or flowers
– led-lighting or bespoke branded lighting
– the final shape of the wall design


Here at Leaflike our team can design, supply, and install your bespoke green wall. We cover the process from start to finish, so this part is important. Often, green walls are created in public areas at ground level but the possibilities are endless so you may be wanting to create a green space in a large atrium or such like, a place that requires specialist equipment to work at varying heights.


In summary, the more complex the installation process the more specialist equipment and labour cost it will require to install; this will increase the overall price of the project.


At Leaflike, our team design and build the highest quality replica green walls for all types of spaces. If you’re considering incorporating a designer green wall into your project, please contact us.




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