Q & A with Guy Hilton

Q & A with Guy Hilton, The Waldorf Hilton 

Following the webinar presentation last week, Guy Hilton and Brandon Abernethie had a conversation about current trends in sustainability.

Here is a preview of their discussion:

Brandon asked Guy…

What advice could you share to our audience for anyone that is wanting to make changes within their hotel to become more sustainable, but doesn’t know where to start?

Look at your business and question the areas that you can start with, for example, soap and recycled plastics, plus any new initiatives. We are in the process of taking our old tea leaves and coffee to a company who can then turn it into the glass we can drink out of in the bar. Another initiative is a company taking away our plastic and using it as credit against uniforms.

“The further you go down the sustainable journey the more you come across. There is so much you can get involved in.”

If you are in a hotel and looking at each department, consider what could and couldn’t impact sustainability, ask the right questions, and then look to see who is available to support the change.

“The more doors you open there are some incredible opportunities out there.”


What is your opinion on what guests are looking to experience and what expectations do they have within hotels post-COVID 19 in the UK?

Guests like to stay with us because of our ongoing cleaning processes and know that a room has not been entered since cleaning, for example, our cleaning programme has over 10 specific areas and we keep the doors sealed on the rooms.

People want an experience, they don’t want to do the norm, we had an influx of families visit London because it was quieter. We created a room style that suited families and hope to be able to offer more specific family experiences. In addition, we offered a package including a picnic and a lime bike to explore London, no car involved so it was more sustainable. In the future, this trend could increase, to do things you have never done before and spend more time in the UK, in a safe and secure environment. Its as well priced to stay in London now as it is to stay in the countryside in the UK. Our other successful weekends included a shopping experience.


Guy asked Brandon…

We have seen a number of high profile hotel openings in London over the last few weeks and I was wondering if there was anything Leaflike have innovated within those hotels that have supported the approach to a more Sustainable business?

We are seeing sustainability in a project from the build through to the furnishings. People are a lot more aware and conscious about what is being brought into the hotel.

The customer experience is key, guests are more aware and they book hotels that align with their personal values. Young people are concerned with wellbeing and sustainability, there is a drive and demand to create these spaces.

We have been working with pan pacific London, their whole story and purpose is a sustainable venue. We introduced locally sourced planting, recycled planters, table herbs and herb displays that go into the kitchen and get repurposed in their cooking.

“Sustainability is a continuous thing, it can only get bigger and stronger. From a design perspective, we put a lot of thought, innovation and emphasis on this aspect of the customer requirement.”


If we look ahead 2, 5 or 10 years what would you believe the next innovations will be for interior and exterior planting?

An ever increasing demand for unique designs and concepts. A basic pot plant is not good enough, its all part of the customer experience and how each plant can speak for the venue, how does it help engagement and interaction, including social media, ultimately driving awareness.

“Sensory design is another key area. Providing the sight, smell and touch elements, to push the boundaries on the ever increasing demand to challenge the design on displays, concepts and themes, that really have never been thought of before, to drive footfall for the space.”




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