Leaflike, sustainability in every project.


We are on a quest to help customers with sustainable options including recycled planters, hydroculture planting,

living biophilia, flower rejuvenation programmes and preserved displays.


Leaflike green walls can also be made with sustainable materials including natural moss

from woodland floors and recycled timber from builders pallets.


In 2021 Leaflike started a 40/40 initiative contributing to The National Trust,

planting 40 trees a year which in turn will provide 40 tonnes of carbon reduction over the next 40 years.


Together with our partners, we welcome responsible sourcing of products

and aim to reduce environmental impact of our operations.


Our team ensure a considered approach to manufacturing, transportation, sourcing of materials,

waste disposal and recycling within the customer design and installation process.


We believe that we are all responsible and can all make a difference.